Bloom offers a formal, yet comfortable dining atmosphere. There is no dress code, and pricing is extremely reasonable.

Tips are appreciated and pooled together for field trips to enhance student education.

About our staff

Brad Lomanto
Executive Chef

Brad Lomanto

Brad Lomanto came to Conestoga from the Cambridge Mill, where he spent eight years as executive chef.

Graduating from the Niagara College culinary program, Lomanto has always made education part of his career, considering that you are both always instructing and always learning as a chef. In Conestoga's student-run restaurant, Lomanto offers his experience and practical approach to cooking professionally, and enjoys seeing students make progress in the profession and in their lives.

"This is another restaurant in town, not just the college restaurant. We're going to operate for customers and cook what people want to eat right now, in this season and what farmers and markets are offering at the moment just as much as we can. That's exactly the way I've always run kitchens, and I want to expose students to those processes."

-Brad Lomanto