Mar. 13 - Apr. 21, 2023

Winter menu

Pricing: $30 for two courses or $33 for three courses

Appetizers (choose one of the following)

Warm Cheese Dip

leeks, onion sambal, grilled toast

Fried Calamari

preserved lemon aioli, chilies

Cured Trout

soft herbs, roasted beets, orange, garlic labneh

Entrées (choose one of the following)

Pan-Roasted Chicken

smoked carrots, miso hummus, pecan, ranchovy

Grilled Pork Chop

oyster mushroom, celery root, watercress

Seared Salmon

turnip noodles cacio e pepe

Goat Cheese Tortellini

sweet peas, white chocolate, hazelnuts

Desserts (choose one of the following)

Chocolate Bouchon

milk crumbs, cinnamon stick ice cream

Vanilla Panna Cotta

rhubarb, dark chocolate, pistachio

Upcoming events

During the term, Bloom welcomes guest chefs who help our students prepare special features. Details will be posted when dates are confirmed.

Online reservations

Booking your reservation online is the best way to secure your table. Bloom sometimes closes for private parties and student success week each term. These closures are reflected in our online booking.