March 18 - April 19, 2024

À la carte menu

Pricing: $33 for two courses or $37 for three courses

Appetizers (choose one of the following)

Bacon & Brussels

crispy smoked pork belly, cider-glazed brussel sprouts, goat cheddar, toasted pine nuts, gala apple


twice-fried plantain, black bean purée, fresh tomatillo salsa, lime crema, pickled chilis, feta cheese

Calamari Puttanesca

pan-fried squid rings & tentacles, spicy garlic tomato sauce, capers, kalamata olives, preserved lemon, garlic chips

Entrées (choose one of the following)

Coq au Vin

red wine-soaked cornish hen, parsnip purée, fingerlings, roasted pearl onion, bacon lardons, honey mushrooms, arugula & parmesan salad, red wine jus

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

orange & anise-brined pork tenderloin, beer-braised cabbage, fried spaetzle, ginger-poached pears, grilled scallions

Salmon Filet

warm quinoa & roasted root vegetables, arugula, sumac yogurt, pickled squash & fennel, fried parsnip

Vegan Moussaka

panko-breaded & fried eggplant, tempeh "bolognese", cashew cream, pickled turnip, herb salad

Desserts (choose one of the following)

Flourless Chocolate Torte

dark chocolate cake, toasted almonds, strawberry basil ice cream, white chocolate curls

Stonefruit Cheesecake

cardamom cheesecake, granola, plum & pear compote, bourbon caramel, pear chip

Mildred's Temple Kitchen Pancakes

fluffy pancakes, blueberry compote, lemon-whipped cream, maple syrup

Upcoming events

During the term, Bloom welcomes guest chefs who help our students prepare special features. Details will be posted when dates are confirmed.

Online reservations

Booking your reservation online is the best way to secure your table. Bloom sometimes closes for private parties and student success week each term. These closures are reflected in our online booking.